Beijing International Book Fair

Beijing, China
Show Dates: 28 Aug 2013 – 1 Sept 2013

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Show Overview: The annually held Beijing International Book Fair is regarded throughout the book fair community as of the top four International Book Fairs in the world. With just over 1.3 billion people living in China this country has quickly become one of the most sought after business markets in recent history. The growth and stature of the Chinese market lures in publishers on a global scale with English language titles at the forefront. It has recently been mandated that every child in China learn English during their early years. This in combination with the country’s growing demand for American literature and innovative ideas provides authors and publishers alike with global opportunity. The Beijing International Book Fair (BIBF), now held eighteen times since its inception in 1986, continues to uphold its principle of “introducing excellent books from around the world into China and leading Chinese books to the world”. Over the past twenty years, the BIBF has been an event of the utmost importance to publishers, and has received major support and participation from domestic and overseas book and publishing industries, gradually confirming BIBF’s international brand status, and turning it into a major international publishing event incorporating copyright trade, book trade, cultural events, displays, consultation services and professional networking.

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