Taipei International Book Fair

Taipei, Taiwan
Show Dates: 30 Jan 2013 – 4 Feb 2013
Registration Closed
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Show Overview: The 2012 Taipei International Book Exhibition is an event where domestic and international publishers and professionals will be able to develop international exchanges, elevate various functions of publishing, and stimulate the reading culture of the general public. There will be rights trading, publishing cooperation, cultural exchange, international publishing information and business acumen, development of digital publishing, an informative book exhibition for all sectors and more. The three exhibition halls will include Hall 1 for General Books, Hall 2 for Comics, and Hall 3 for Children’s Books. In each hall will be Exhibitors Zones for international, Taiwanese, specialized, and digital publishers, Theme Pavilions, and Event and Activity Areas. Chinese-speaking writers and publishers in the region of Taiwan and around the world consider the Taipei International Book Exhibition the hub for Chinese-language publishing and rights negotiation.

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